Why You May NOT Need a New Furnace

Not sure if you need a new furnace in  Call us for an expert evaluation.If you’re uncomfortable in your home and seek a professional contractor for advice many will immediately tell you need to upgrade to the latest and greatest furnace or air conditioner to solve your problems.  In some cases that may be exactly what you need, but in many situations our technicians determine that the problems with your home comfort come from places other than your equipment. Here are some areas we evaluate during a comfort check:

The first area is your home’s filter system. Clogged or incorrectly sized filters can rob your system of efficiency and can make your home uncomfortable.  As with most products, you need the right balance of a filter that performs well and one that does not restrict airflow to the point where not enough air is moving through your system.  We can provide options that will solve these problems.

Clogged or incorrectly sized filters can cause problems in your home's HVAC systems. Call R. J. Franey Mechanical Services for more information.Equipment Operation & Tuning 
If your heating bills appear to be totally out of hand it may simply be high fuel costs.  However, it may also be an underperforming system. In addition to a system cleaning and tune up, our technicians can provide complete combustion efficiency testing and adjustment to insure your getting the most for your fuel dollars. This fine-tuning can improve the efficiency of your furnace and save you energy dollars.

Duct System Problems
Once your furnace or air conditioner is tuned and running correctly we can check the airflow into each room of your home.  This procedure is know as air diagnostics and gives you a true reading on what % of the warm/cold air coming from your equipment is actually reaching the room.  We will measure temperature loss and air loss.  In other words your furnace may be producing 80 degree air and when it reaches the designated room it is only 70 degrees.  We can diagnose and solve these problems.

Improperly setup ductwork can give your furnace a hard time. Let us fix the problem and get your HVAC system running correctly.It there does appear to be a loss through your duct system we will do a scientific and physical examination to determine the problems and make recommendations for repair. We have come across hundreds of broken, disconnected, un-insulated, undersized and collapsed ducts that are much more cost-effective to repair than replacing your furnace. 

Uneven airflow throughout the house is a common comfort problem.  Even if your furnace and air conditioner are perfect, if your system was designed and/or installed incorrectly you can face the problem of one room being comfortable and another being uncomfortable.  Our air diagnostics will quickly uncover the reasons for these temperature imbalances.

As you can see there are many things to evaluate before we make a recommendation for a new furnace.  We are not in the business of selling you something you don’t really need.  We are in the business of making you comfortable in the most cost-effective way possible.